Product Bulletin: Elite Coated Steel Siding

Klauer’s Elite paint finish is a unique formulation that provides a hard, durable coating with desirable warm color tones and low reflective properties. The chemistry in the paint system creates a natural, random, rock-like surface as the paint dries at a high temperature. The structure of the surface defuses light and gives it its warm appearance. Resembling a painted wood product, Elite coated siding retains its natural look and feel even on the brightest of sunny days with little to no glare or reflecting light.

In general terms, high gloss in paint correlates with better chalk and color fade protection. The Elite system maintains high gloss quality properties with pleasing low gloss curb appeal. And while the paint surface has greater impact resistance, its rock-like surface can scuff against itself. Added wax in the system helps prevent minor scuffs, which can be buffed out with a cloth. Special care in handling during installation should be observed.

Have you ever heard of a directional paint system? You have now. As mentioned above, the magic of Elite happens in paint line ovens at coil coating facilities. Large coils of steel, approximately 10,000 pounds each, are threaded through coating line that run at 600 feet per minute and with ovens heated to 450 degrees. At these speeds, the unique rock-like structure in the drying paint tends to “lean” in one direction. Distributors and installers of Elite coated products should take notice of situations where it’s possible to have adjacent siding panels installed with material running in opposite directions. All box siding produced in our factory will always be running in the same direction as we only coil material in one direction. Seamless siding contractors should take care to not re-roll a coil or feed in the opposite direction from which it was received.