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Coil Slitter Setup

Coil Slitter Setup: Coil Slitter Setup duties include but are not limited to:

Sets up and operates coil slitting machine equipped with rotary blades to cut rolls of sheet metal to strips of specified widths according to specifications: Reads work order to determine dimensions of rolls to be cut. Selects proper material from warehouse and transports via forklift and overhead hoist to slitting machine. Places stock roll onto payoff reel using overhead host, forklift, and coil tipper. Spaces rotary blades on machine shaft according to width specified for strips. Threads end of material into feed rollers and cutting blades and aligns material against or between machine guides. Laps ends of slit material around take up drums. Turns rheostat or handwheel to adjust tension of material and to synchronize timing of cutting blades with rate of feed to regulate length and width of cut. Starts machine and verifies size of cut using rule. Readjusts machine to ensure specified dimensions of coils. Starts counting device or automatic table or raises platform on machines equipped with these devices. Observes operation of machine to detect malfunctions, such as jamming, wrinkling or irregular cutting. Monitors material for defects and quality issues. Stops machine and makes required adjustments. Secures ends of finished material using tape or banding and identifies finished roll with required information using marking pencils or bar codes.

Removes finished rolls of slit material from machine using an overhead hoist. Replaces worn cutting blades and spacers using handtools. Monitors and empties scrap tanks into designated recycling bins using overhead hoists and forklifts as needed.

Physical demands for this job require standing, walking, pushing, pulling, bending, and stooping. Strength rating for this job is M – Medium work – exerting 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/​or 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/​or greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical demand requirements are in excess of those for light work.

Class I – Medium (Dictionary of Occupational Titles 4th Edition Vol. I & Vol. II)

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