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Steel Siding

Environmentally-friendly steel siding from Klauer Manufacturing is backed by a limited lifetime no-rust, -crack, -blister, -chip, -peel, -flake, -chalk or -fade warranty.

Available in seven popular profiles, an extensive range of colors meets modern tastes for both rural and urban settings. Rich coating finishes and wood-grained enhancements deliver the feel and warmth desired by homeowners today.

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We love working with Klauer Manufacturing. They offer great support and the quality of their products are unmatched. We are proud to offer our customers Klauer siding products.

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World Class Choices

Klauer Classic
Klauer Classic

Choose Klauer Classic for optimum performance. Its precision nylon-particle additives supply texture to enhance the finish and super-durable polyester resins provide superior resistance to chalking, fading, and environmental weathering.

  • Additive texture for an enhanced finish
  • Superior resistance to fading and weathering
Klauer Elite
Klauer Elite

Choose Klauer elite for its warm curb appeal. The unique paint system adds durability, richness and little to no glare or reflecting light on the brightest of days.

  • All the benefits of Klauer Classic Finish
  • Unique surface with little to no glare
Klauer Prestige
Klauer Prestige

Choose Klauer Prestige for exceptional attention to detail. The exclusive two-tone paint system replicates the subtle woodgrain of cedar while ensuring resistance to the elements.

  • Replicates the subtle woodgrain of cedar
  • Final clear-coat layer adds superior protection

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Smart and Environmentally Responsible

Steel siding is produced with eco-friendly manufacturing practices. It is the most recycled material on the planet, more than all other materials combined, and can be recycled repeatedly. 

Virtually maintenance-free, state-of-the art, enhanced polyester paint systems provide decades of performance protection from the elements. Klauer Manufacturing proudly produces the industry’s finest steel siding and accessories. 

Crafted using heavy-gauge steel and durable state-of-the-art finishes and coatings, our products are guaranteed to retain their beauty and outperform competing materials such as vinyl, fiber cement and wood. 

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